Treworder Barton was planted in 2014 and was one of the first projects by Eucalyptus Renewables.  The planting , 0ver 16ha of a 50ha arable form, is primarily E. nitens with components of E. denticulata, other eucalypts and native broadleaves.

For the owner, Hugh Davis, the eucalyptus offered a bridge between arable farming and woodland management.  Whilst it is technically a woodland, for the farmer it can be viewed as a long-term crop.

The woodland is now producing firewood which is sold locally as well as to restaurants in London and France who require the aromatic component for wood-fired cooking through Wildwood Fuel.  Due to demand and to offer a quality product all the firewood is now kiln-dried on site.  The owner sees a future of continuing firewood and is also developing ideas for using the small roundwood and sawlog elements of the woodland.

The woodland has won The Royal Forestry Society Excellence in Forestry silver award in 2014 within the criteria of National Climate Change Award.

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