About Eucalyptus Renewables

Eucalyptus Renewables was started by Bryan Elliott in 2018 to address the growing demand for biomass energy supplies in the UK.  There is a need to create a sustainable, resilient and environmentally sensitive supply of feedstock for renewable energy  and eucalyptus is part of this solution.  With good management Eucalyptus, with it’s fast growth rate, bridges between forestry and agriculture and can provide intensive plantations that allow other woodlands to be managed more extensively and with broader objectives.

In 2019 the company sold 130,000 seedlings to 70 clients; in 2020 this had grown to 180,000 and the projected sales of plant material for 2020 is 300,000.  As well as sales of plants, Eucalyptus Renewables is the UK’s leading expert in managing eucalyptus plantations; in harvesting & sales and in advisory services.

As more plantations are planted our expertise in species selection and silviculture increases.  We now manage successful plantations and clients from Scotland through to Cornwall.

About Bryan Elliot

Bryan holds a degree in Forestry Management from Canterbury University, NZ.  Starting in Waikato in New Zealand Bryan focused on inventory, helping to develop a field measurement log volume assessment strategies before going onto specialise on harvest design planning and management of harvesting systems.

In the UK Bryan worked for eight years as an Area Manager for Euroforest Ltd., successfully integrating the company into one of the mainstream harvesting service providers in Wales. The next thirteen years was spent developing the South West as an integral area of woodland management for a large Woodland Management company. as Senior Forest Manager and Area Manager.  In 2015 he started Devon Forestry Consultants which is the core company offering a complete woodland planting and management service.

Bryan is a member of Institute of Chartered Foresters, Forest Industry Safety Accord (FISA), Confederation of Forest Industries (Confor) and the Royal Forestry Society.


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