Planting Advice

  • Evaluation and inspection of site – including soil, vegetation, habitat, existing species, conservation designation status, wider landscape characteristics.
  • Elaboration of woodland design and creation in-line with owners objectives and site characteristics.
  • Evaluation of funding possibilities through forestry grants.
  • Acting as an agent on behalf of the owner to access grants, source planting stock and manage the planting of new woodlands.


Project Management for Planting and Maintenance 

  • Development of a Forestry Management Plan using the official Forestry Commission template and in-line with the UK Woodland Assurance Scheme – this includes owners long-term vision, objectives and a detailed 5 to 10 year work program that will guide the owner to achieve her or his vision and objectives.
  • Mixed estate management combining species & silvicultural mixtures to achieve a resilient, diverse and profitable forestry.  This is achieved alongside our sister company Devon Forestry Consultants.
  • Access to planting and management grants as well as felling licences at the appropriate time.
  • Ongoing advice on managing Eucalyptus for best environmental and economic results.  Because of the fast-growing nature of the trees we find ongoing work with owners is vital to ensure they reach an optimum condition.


Harvesting and Marketing

  • Managing harvesting operations – harvest design planning and supervision of the actual operation.  This can include ensuring the appropriate felling licence is in place; tendering work too appropriately skilled contractors used to working with Eucalyptus; ensuring that all work is carried out within FISA H&S guidelines and regulations.
  • Marketing of timber to achieve best prices for the owner.  Our extensive network of buyers will help achieve best price when it comes to harvesting

Lecturing, field courses and Continuous Professional Development

We offer a range of bespoke options and courses for woodland owners and others in the Forest Industry interested in Eucalyptus.

  • We often get asked to speak at conferences and seminars on contemporary forest management and Eucalyptus plantation forestry at various levels and are happy to come to individual businesses to give advise in our areas of expertise.
  • We have delivered a number of day-long and half-day bespoke courses concentrating on the silviculture and markets for Eucalyptus.  We would advise anyone with more than a passing interest to talk to us about field-days as we believe seeing the trees growing is a better way of understanding than seeing them in a class room on a powerpoint slide!  For an example of what we offer see details of this course run in conjunction with Crops4Energy.
  • Over the past few years Bryan has guest-lectured at Exeter University, often in conjunction with Jez Ralph of Timber Strategies.

Eucalyptus Agroforestry

Why chose Eucalyptus for your agricultural buisness?

  • Eucalyptus can provide all the benefits every other tree species can bring to an agricultural system and more, however, as always it is a matter of fitting the right species to the right site in terms of site factors and management objectives – We can provide advice on design, establishment, management and harvest.
  • Obvious and unique advantages of Eucalyptus as a tree component to agricultural practises are its light and thin canopy cover, its multiple uses from biomass, timber to its oil and its unusual fast growth rate which allows for shorter rotation cycles and significantly higher carbon storage.
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